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Lab book due on day of final: View tubes 2, max area of isosceles triangle, Max volume of a cone. Practice unit 3 test below:

slope and rates of change

Regression 9/4

gasoline linear 9/2

Apple investigation 9/4: Is there a correlation between the weight of an apple and its circumference? Use the data in the apple correlation photo.

vertex form of parabolas 9/9

car jack classwork/homework 9/16

ave.rates of change homework 9/18

How to weigh a gator 9/18 classwork

“Quiz” 3.2A Sep 22 homework

fractals classwork/homework 9/25

box volume lab classwork 10/1

slopes of sec homework 10.2

wire cutting lab 10/9

relative extrema practice hw 10.13

product rule homework 10.30

quotient rule homework 11.3

derivative practice multiple choice questions HW/CW 11/4,6

quotient derivative multiple choice questions HW/CW 11/4,6

sine wave pedals classwork lab 11/18

View tubes II classwork lab 11/25

triangle max area lab 12/4

trigonometric equations with answers 12/8

max volume of a cone lab 12/9

Practice Unit 3 test&ans  12/11

New yorker article “Don’t”

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